Bespoke production data software

We get on famously with our good friends at Growth in their business was making it harder to keep track of numbers in terms of time spent on projects and also stock consumption and replenishment. Richard was at the limit of his Excel expertise and asked us to develop a bespoke system to record production and operator times for the various processes involved in building Posh Sheds and childrens' playhouses. Data entered can be analysed either with set reports and charts or custom criteria (outputs as CSV). The system helps identify bottlenecks and real times to build into product costings and ensure more refined stock ordering.

  • Replaced laborious spreadsheet
  • records
  • User access controls
  • Job costing insights
  • Employee time records
Bespoke systems for... us!

Happily we're generally quite busy working flat out on our customers' behalf. But periodically we come up for air and can slot in a little development for ourselves. Believe me there's a lot more we'd like to do but such is our unswerving dedication to customer work! Generally the context is that you look at off the shelf options available on the market.