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Growing online sales for leading spirits brand

Chase Vodka and Gin is seen in all the right places, surely one of Herefordshire’s finest exports.
Our brief was to create a new site to grow direct consumer sales, reinforcing Chase field-to-bottle provenance, and creating a smooth path to ordering.

Chase Distillery story

What's the Story

The Chase team know their customers and have created a brand with a fast growing following. We proposed solutions to increase conversions and at the same time integrate efficiently across accounting, CRM and reporting systems. The new site was the result of clear objectives agreed with Chase and detailed designs crafted to create a friction-free ordering experience.

Chase Distillery website

What drives conversions

The new presentation and user flow from purchase decision to checkout is clearer and uncluttered, with a single path for all sales. Previously there was a disconnect between regular purchases, subscriptions and tours which caused a lot of confusion.

Improvements have also been made to the variety of discounts that can be offered, which is ideal for agile marketing campaigns, and the customers can checkout faster with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

What’s Clever

The technical build began with a large import task from the previous e-commerce system. There was a vast history of customers, sales, bookings, and even subscriptions which needed to come in so shoppers could continue where they left off. Most notably, by keeping the same payment gateway and carefully migrating subscription data we were able to continue recurring payment on the new website without customers needing to manually re-validate their card.

Chase have their own established ways of handling Distillery Tours, from booking to arrival. It was important to keep things familiar but make improvements where we could. We opted to use a commonly used bookings system and adapt it to more closely fit Chase’s own requirements, so they have the benefit of using established software but without compromising their requirements.

Chase Distillery website performance

What’s more

The previous e-commerce platform brought with it a significant running cost attracted by its marketplace’s plugins for much of the necessary functionality. All of that functionality has been replaced by using more tightly integrated open source code which has resulted in a big cost saving, improved interoperability between features, and far more flexibility to mould the website as time passes.

With the Chase marketing team we continuously evaluate performance. What’s working and what could work better. We join multiple data sources, from Analytics to online ads and WooCommerce sales, to create clear information to steer performance gains.

Key Stats

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