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So we've helped produce a really great website for your business and it's packed full of interest for  your customers (current and potential). Now what? A strong website is fundamental to your marketing but it comes alive as part of coordinated activities designed to hone in on customers. The challenge of today is that your customers don't stay still, they are moving targets. As much as you may try to lassoo them, you also need to encourage them to find you.

The quest to attract interest starts with pulling together as much information as possible about your customers; where they are located,  their demographics and which media, online and offline, they use. Reaching them typically involves a mix of media and defining the right strategy is a challenge. The chances are that social media will play a part. You want your services to be noticed and recommended so you need to be across relevant social media platforms. Well crafted email campaigns can be effective in driving through traffic or clicks to sales. Perhaps a blog to attract followers. Or alternatively you may need to invest in online advertising or Adwords or Facebook campaigns. Of course your digital strategy sits alongside other plans you may have to use conventional offline promotion, such as press advertising and PR or direct mail.

We can work with you to develop your digital strategy to grow numbers. Our help can be hands on with day to day support implementing plans, or more strategic for you to role out.

SEO. Optimisation (not magic)

Of course organic searches which lead to your website and convert to business is the dream ticket. Working together, we can make sure your site is as optimised as possible to make this happen based on clear up front thinking. This article provides useful ideas on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) fundamentals. It calls for a disciplined approach to ensure comprehensive coverage of targetted search phrases. However, our overwhelming recommendation is to write in a way which is designed to be read by humans rather than search engines. Naturally there are any number of companies who promise page 1 on Google ... for a fee. The reality is there is no magic formula so we concentrate on helping customers with common sense advice which, funnily enough, we borrow from Google!

We keep SEO in mind when we review Google Analytics reports on site performance. We're looking to see high quality traffic, with evidence they spend quality time on the site and deliver goals (from submitting an enquiry form to buying product). SEO is part of the recipe to stimulate traffic. Sharing your Analytics reports helps us work with you to identify what's working and areas which need improvement. Many of our customers value regular planned reviews to keep focus on site performance and stimulate proactive marketing planning.

If you can't beat them, Adwords them!

In a competitive world even the tightest SEO can leave your site outside the hallowed first page in Google. Paid advertising gives you the opportunity to put your wares in front of customers, particularly useful for new sites as they become established. And when they click, you pay so it focusses the mind firmly on whether these clicks translate into business. Facebook advertising operates in a similar way to Adwords and provides good tools to present your adverts based on demographic criteria and interests.

We can support you with Adwords management - fine tuning constantly to react to ever changing markets and competitive bidding rivals.

Social Media with purpose

What a great invention for business! A free way to promote what you offer, build a brand and get your customers sharing the good news with all their friends. The only snag is that, just like every other sphere of marketing, to stand out from all your competitors who are thinking exactly the same, you need to work the media more smartly, with invention, personality and zest. It is far more than sharing thoughts on the weather or your holiday plans. It needs angles, images and ideas with a tone which engages your customers and get them thinking you've got something to say. And like most marketing it is most likely to work better with creative planning and review. 

Well designed e-mailings work better

Email marketing can be a cost effective way to keep your customers posted on developments and also to introduce your services to prospects. We work with customers in a number of ways to suit their requirements. Some like the immediacy of constructing their own campaigns whenever they want so we create one or more templates which can be easily adapted to a new campaign. These tend to suit a simpler presentation. Other customers like their emails to contain more information and be more creatively designed. For these we draft design layouts and code them ready to send from your email client (i.e. MailChimp). Whichever path you take it is important to ensure the standard of branding and presentation associated with your website is maintained in emails too.

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