Carbon balanced print: what it means to Orphans Press

We’re thrilled to be certified as a carbon balanced printer by the global conservation charity World Land Trust.

Carbon balanced print is the highest statement of integrity for users and producers of printed products. It means that we’ve measured our ‘primary’ carbon emissions – in plain speak, every bit of carbon involved in the running of the business, from the electricity we consume to the fuel used by our staff getting to work. The amount we consume is balanced by supporting the work of the World Land Trust, a conservation charity that protects the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats in Mexico, Vietnam, Guatemala and Ecuador.

As a customer, you have the option to carbon balance the paper used for your print run too. We simply calculate the carbon footprint of the paper we buy for you, and then you have the option to pay a small fee to offset it. You’d be surprised how little it costs! By balancing your paper, you can be confident you are using one of the most sustainable and planet-positive solutions available, and your print can carry the World Land Trust logo, if you wish.

Head to the World Land Trust website to learn more about the fantastic work they do. If you’d like to start carbon balancing your paper, get in touch at: