A heritage which shapes our future

Our Story

Modesty aside, it’s quite an achievement to celebrate 150 years in printing.

It all started as far back as 1873 in Leominster’s home for orphaned children and with the enlightened purchase of a printing press. The man with the entrepreneurial flair was Henry Stanley Newman, a fascinating character with a globe trotting spirit. A devout Quaker, he saw the printing venture as both a way to provide his orphans with a trade but also a handy means of spreading the Quaker message with the publication of ‘tracts’, compact booklets of teachings. The Orphans Printing Press was soon generating much needed income to sustain the home.

Pick a colour, any colour

Present Day

The past 25 years has seen Orphans transformed into one of the region’s most substantial printers together with the rapid development of new and complementary printing areas; book publishing (Orphans Publishing), and a rapidly expanding website design, development and marketing agency, eighteen73, an homage to the origins of Orphans, but very much a service of today. We’re a family of business services, all under the one umbrella. Welcome to Orphans.

We love our history (and please enjoy some of the touching anecdotes and early examples of printing here). Perhaps one of the secrets of the business longevity has been not spending too much time looking back nostalgically but rather keeping a keen eye on the current and future. That’s why when you step into Orphans today you will see a business geared for efficiency with digital technology and streamlined processes.