Carbon balanced printing, with net zero in our sights


Taking sustainability seriously

We’ve pledged to reach zero carbon by 2030 and we mean it. We’re working towards real change, always striving to do more – not only for ourselves but for our clients too.

Our purpose-built factory was designed with sustainability in mind, including high levels of insulation, LED lighting and electric car-charging points. All of our energy comes from renewable sources, whether from our solar panels or our energy supplier. This website is powered by 100% renewable energy too.

To attract more biodiversity we have planted various trees on site over the years and we recycle food waste on site. All other materials are recycled by a trusted partner.

We encourage clients to have a mindful approach to print. We can easily – and cost-effectively – offer short runs, and only print on FSC-certified and recycled stocks. We’ve also switched to 100% recyclable packaging, including paper tape.

Pick a colour, any colour
Pick a colour, any colour

Planet positive print:

Carbon balance your print

We are thrilled to be certified as a Carbon-Balanced Printer by the global conservation charity, World Land Trust. Only a handful of printers have achieved this level of environmental excellence.

Carbon balanced print is the highest statement of integrity for users and producers of printed products. It means that we measure our ‘primary’ carbon emissions. The amount we consume is balanced by supporting the work of the World Land Trust, and protecting the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats.

As a customer, you have the option to carbon balance the paper used for your print run too. We simply calculate the carbon footprint of the paper we buy for you, and then you have the option to pay a small fee to balance it.

By balancing your paper, you can be confident you are using one of the most sustainable and planet-positive print solutions available, and your print can carry the World Land Trust logo, if you wish.

Get a quote for carbon balancing your print – it doesn’t cost the earth.

Understanding sustainability

We always print on FSC-certified or recycled papers, using vegetable inks. Paper is one of the most recyclable products on the planet and the benefits of FSC versus recycled might surprise you.

Our next steps

Encouraging more wildlife


Energy reduction every year

Paper profiling