Green credentials

We are very conscious of doing what we can to be as environmentally friendly as possible and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. 

Our building
Our purpose-designed building is very well insulated, meaning that heating is rarely required. The 30+ solar panels we've installed on the roof help to offset our energy consumption which we're also striving to reduce, for example by switching to LED lighting throughout. All of our food waste is recycled on site and we have recently installed 3 electric car charging points. To help support wildlife, we have planted a numbers of trees and plans are in motion for further greening of our plot.

Print & paper
In printing terms, environmental efficiency has improved markedly in recent years. The process of making plates which once involved film and processing chemistry is now very clean. We use processor-less aluminium plates which once imaged on our CTP are processed on the press. The plates themselves are recycled after use. On the press we use vegetable based linseed oil inks.

Virtually all of the papers we use are produced from sustainable forests; increasingly customers are themselves specifying recycled or part recycled stocks as part of their own green commitment. All excess paper waste during production is collected for recycling. For more information about sustainable print please call Martin Parry who would be very happy to help.

Advances with colour management means it is now more cost effective to print lower volumes so customers can have the 40 or 400 leaflets they want rather than ‘oh, its not much more for 1,000’, so less waste.




Orphans - force of nature
Roof Solar Panels

We've had it mind for years, particularly on sunny days, but summer 2018 marks the great switch on of ... our roof! Solar panels were not in our minds when we were building new Orphans Press way back in 2007. Shame really, but it took a few years before we really took note of our very south facing expanse of roof.

Social responsibility

The notion of corporate social responsibility was probably not uppermost in the mind of Henry Stanley Newman when, in 1873, he saw the benefits of providing the orphans in his care with a printing press. In these early days Orphans Press didn't need to look beyond its own front door for worthy candidates to support.

Kenya orphanage visit 2013

This was not your average half term holiday.

Recycled paper stock

Here at Orphans we have access to a wide variety of paper stocks. If you are looking for something specific for your next print job then the chances are we can source the perfect material.