About Us

Orphans Press. Commercial printers and more for over one hundred years.

To know a little of Orphans we need to take you all the way back to 1873. That's when Henry Stanley Newman introduced a printing press to his orphanage in Leominster. A visionary of his time this was surely a good way to teach his youngsters a trade as well as generating income. For several decades the Orphans Press was busy and so were the orphans. Then it was deemed a little too dangerous for young people so the press and the business went into private hands. We have a heritage few printers can equal so we have assembled as much as we can of our origins (read more here).

So now let us introduce you to 'new' Orphans. The legacy of our printing heritage is that it remains a cornerstone of the business and provided us with a great base to broaden our services. We had a twin rationale for transforming the business from 'print' to 'design-print-web'. Firstly, we had to. Where printing had been for most businesses the sole means of communication, now online created a plethora of options. To provide only printing has been a strategy which has sadly hastened the demise of many printers. Secondly the directors of Orphans Press, Helen and Andy Bowden, are marketeers by training and inclination. For us we had an opportunity to provide a fuller service to customers. With creative design and marketing understanding at the heart of the business we could coordinate communications across printing (litho and digital) to online, from websites to email marketing.

It takes time to create the right recipe. In the case of printing this has largely involved supporting the skilled team we already had with the very latest kit and systems to give us the tools to deliver efficient print services. In our creative studio, we have steadily assembled a team of bright (mainly young) minds who can work with customers to develop highly effective brand communications (meet all our team here).

Is there any other legacy of our long past? We think there is. An Orphans way of helping customers which is born of putting their interests first. We're a friendly bunch but this belies a steely determination to see your business grow, surely the perfect way to develop the long term associations we have enjoyed with so many customers over the years.