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Pick a colour, any colour

The ultimate in digital printing

The Indigo is widely regarded as the bastion of digital print quality. It uses liquid inks to achieve a quality of print which matches and surpasses litho, in a way toner alternatives struggle to emulate. Our Indigo 7900 is super quick so great value for everyday printing.

Pick a colour, any colour

A press to build your brand

Unique colour and material options

Think colour, then think again

Get creative with white, metallic and fluorescent inks

Think papers and finishes

Complete the look with speciality papers, spot UV or foils

Digital white ink wonders

Now print in 4 colours on unique boards like GF Smith and Fedrigoni. Create a separate channel in your artwork for Indigo to apply white, enhancing your CMYK design. The results are stunning. We ensure maximum impact by double-hitting the white in perfect alignment.

Release your creativity

Pick a colour, any colour

Fluorescent ink

Looking for impact to make sure your postcard, flyer, poster or brochure gets noticed? Fluorescent orange on the Indigo creates attention-grabbing impact.

Pick a colour, any colour

Foil boards

Rather than the expense of adding foil to print, take a look at our foil boards in gold and silver. The indigo can print in white or a combination of white and 4 colours. Great for invites or special covers.

Pick a colour, any colour

Special materials

Where other presses struggle to maintain tight registration, the Indigo ‘one-shot’ system lays all colours down in one pass, ensuring crisp print on special materials such as canvas and clear acetate. 

Pick a colour, any colour

Thicker stocks

With our thick substrate kit the Indigo will print to 550 microns, ideal for many lightweight packaging requirements.

7 colours

go cmyk plus up to 3 special colours to reach 97% of the colour gamut. Don’t settle for oranges which look dull, insist on monitor like vivid brightness. And think special colours for where brand specific colours are critical.

Pick a colour, any colour

Metallic ink

Indigo metallic silver and gold help add an eye-catching edge to your print. Great for covers and invitations and a very practical and stylish alternative to foil.

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