Self-publishing: a personal service from start to finish

Publishing your own book is exciting and with Orphans Press, it’s also pretty well stress-free.

Our expert team guide you through every step of bringing your book to life, whether it’s a hardback memoir or a paperback novel. We can help you peruse different papers and finishes and select special touches such as foiling or our house speciality, bespoke illustrations. Everything is clearly costed so there’s no surprises down the line. Whether you’re looking to gift your memoir to friends and family or are dusting off the novel you’ve been working on for years, we have a wide range of services to help you.


If you’ve pored over your draft one too many times and are ready for a professional touch, our editorial services can help you to bring out the very best in your writing. Structural editing dives into your book in-depth, scrutinising your structure, pace, narrative voice and characterisation. Copyediting will smooth out any inconsistencies and make sure that your story flows seamlessly.


The sign of good typesetting is that you don’t notice it. Our designers will lay out your book professionally, so the reader will never be distracted by a widow, incorrect paragraph indent or missing page number.

Design & illustration

Illustration can help to set your book apart – perhaps a map to show off your world building, or chapter heads to bring the pages to life. Good cover design will get your book placed on the right shelves of your favourite indie bookshop, so we can advise you based on your readership, genre and purpose. It can be as complex or as minimalist as you like!

Ready to print?

Once your book is ready for the press, the next step is to bring it to life! With no minimum order quantity, you can choose whether you’d like a handful of copies or thousands. We’ll advise on paper choices, book format and the finishing touches like spot UV or foiling, to ensure your book holds its own on the shelf. Before you know it, you’ll have your very own book in your hands.

If you’d like more information then please do get in touch – we’d love to hear about your book.