There is a need, of course, to structure the process of a new website, to agree timeframes, to formalise project management, to provide a space for feedback and changes. And of course this matters to the final result as well as adding control to the project.

What matters just as much though is collaboration and ideas. There’s what you do, and you know that far better than us. And there’s what we do and you might expect there is experience and knowledge here to tap into. The real success of your project lies in the way, together, we fuse our shared knowledge and devise plans which strike gold.

The key to the door is understanding. Tell us about you, your markets, competitors, and customers and your vision for the future. Then we will retire as a team to distil the essence of what makes you great for your customers, and how it can all come to life in your new, winning site.

We encourage you to think ambitiously. We can guide you so your site does more. It should differentiate you from your competitors, in the clarity and quality of presentation and construction. It has intelligent functionality which integrates with your business. It should be the fulcrum of connected marketing activities.

Let’s think openly and frankly about who does what. Do we need just photography or great photography? Is solid copy adequate or do we value a sprinkling of inspiration? Do you have the resources to inject Google friendly SEO across the site or would our input make more sense?  

Your project is important and exciting. It needs to be shaped and honed and carefully defined. Then delivered. It's a team effort ... and you are in it!


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